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Receive Their Messages

Receive Their Messages contains twelve different stories addressing the events that souls will experience on the earth plane. These events are specific for each soul for their soul development process. The soul may want to experience a physical or mental disability or illness or help as many people as possible in its lifetime on earth.

The twelve stories were channeled by different angels. The angels introduce themselves in the beginning of each story, describe a soul’s life plan and the importance and reason for that soul’s plan.




Hear Their Voices

Have you ever wondered if angels really exist in this day and age? Who really sees or hears them? Have you ever thought: Where are the angels when tragedy strikes? Why is there so much suffering on earth? Why is life so difficult down here?

Hear Their Voices contains twelve different stories addressing current events such as cancer in children, suicide, war, and toxic oceans events that are in newspapers and on TV. These are the kinds of events that may make you just shake your head, wonder why for a second, and say that is a tragedy.

The twelve stories were channeled to the author by different angels. The names of each angel appear in the story which that angel dictated. Each story addresses an event with an explanation of what is occurring spiritually. The stories also emphasize that everyone is capable of conversing with the angels when we let them into our hearts.




Whispering Messages

Whispering Messages is Theresa’s third book that she has channeled. Her first two books, Hear Their Voices and Receive Their Messages, contain short stories involving aspects of life with angels intertwined with the characters navigating them through life’s difficult situations. There is a repeating theme in the author’s channeled messages in all three books. That theme is soul development and learning how to open our hearts to God to experience true happiness and love while living here on earth.




See Their Miracles

‘You will receive a miracle in one hour if you type Amen and share this photo’.

‘She truly is a miracle child to have survived the accident’.

‘Do these good deeds and say this prayer for one week and you will receive a miracle’.


On the human side, a miracle is seen as an instantaneous and significant change in a person’s life.

On the spiritual side, angels are interceding on earth to rescue souls from impending danger and destruction.

Many people use the word ‘miracle’ loosely believing that ANYTHING good that happens to them is a miracle. Many people ‘pray’ for a miracle.

Angels are the authors of the many ‘miracle’ stories that were channeled to the author.  They will take you on a journey to show you the human and spiritual side of the many miracles that are occurring daily on earth.




Go To The Tree. . . Wait For Me

Experiencing the death of someone very close to you can be devastating. Whether the death is sudden or gradual, feelings of aloneness and fear immediately enter one’s heart. Sometimes the grief can be overwhelming and crippling. Moving through this type of grief and returning to living one’s own life again may take months to years. There are some who never move through their grief and never return to their own life.

In Go to the Tree, the angels address many different types of transitions to heaven that occur on earth. In so doing, the angels attempt to capture the attention of all those who are grieving who believe their grief is unique to them alone. The angels show that all grief on earth is meaningful to them as they spread their wings around all who are grieving and bring them God’s healing love.




Receive Their Messages

Receive Their Messages